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The Israeli army has announced that it will not perform the knee replacement procedure on the wounded soldier who sustained a serious injury during a confrontation with a group of Palestinian terrorists.

The army, which had earlier confirmed the procedure had been carried out, said on Monday that it had decided to cancel the operation in the wake of the Palestinian terror attack in Jerusalem’s Old City on Monday.

The soldier was reportedly shot in the leg by an unidentified Palestinian, and he died later in hospital.

The hospital said the patient was admitted with life-threatening injuries.

In a statement, the Israeli military said that the soldier had sustained a severe injury that required a surgical procedure on his right knee.

The Israeli army did not name the soldier, but his identity has not been made public.

The incident came as tensions between Israel and the Palestinians boiled over on the eve of the annual Arab Spring protests that are scheduled to start on Tuesday.

The IDF has been in a state of high alert since Sunday, with a massive military operation in Gaza following a wave of rockets fired by Hamas into Israel.

The country is under a stateof emergency, and Israel has deployed thousands of troops to Gaza.