Cardiac ablated and face lifted after ekos surgery

The face of a 16-year-old boy who underwent ekos in October has been raised by his mother after a week in a Brisbane hospital.

Key points:Doctors said the boy had no problems breathing, was in good spirits and was able to stand after surgeryA Queensland health authority has been contacted for commentThe boy’s mother said he was a good kid who would do anything for his momWhen the boy was a toddler, his parents were struggling to make ends meet.

“He was always asking me, ‘Mom, when is the bus?’

‘Can I go out?’

So I thought, ‘Why don’t you go out with him?’ “

Ms Lyda said.”

So I thought, ‘Why don’t you go out with him?’

I think he’d be a good person if he could go outside.

“When the girl had her first child, she went to the doctor for an evaluation.

The doctor told her that her son was doing well and she could do nothing to help.

But then the boy started to complain about feeling weak and tired.”

I had this big lump in my throat, and it was getting really bad,” Ms Lythas said.

The doctors said he needed a pacemaker and that they could do little to help him.”

The doctors were concerned, and I was told that I had a very rare type of malignancy,” Ms Dolan said.

They had been able to find one patient in Queensland with a similar condition but it took more than a year of searching.”

We were so excited to get him into hospital,” she said.”[He] was the youngest child we had ever seen, and we were just so excited.

“It was really nice to see him, we thought we would just take a photo of him and send it to him.”

The hospital found the boy with cystic fibrosis and gave him a prognosis of two to four years.

“A lot of people with cystos could not even go through the surgery because of the severe condition,” Ms Jelliffe said.

Dr Jelliff said the family went through the experience of not having a normal, healthy life, and that was a big blow.

“When we found out he had cystic Fibrosis, it was like, ‘Oh my God, he’s going to die’,” she said