Manns: Obama should ‘put his head down’ to avoid a repeat of 2012

On Tuesday, the first day of the GOP primary, the president said he would “not accept” the outcome of the primary.

“I will not accept a winner-take-all election,” he said, citing the fact that the winner of a contested primary cannot be chosen by any candidate, regardless of how many votes they received.

He then pivoted to a long list of potential 2016 GOP contenders, including former Florida Gov.

Jeb Bush and New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie, who he said “can’t win.”

“That is the only way I see this election going,” he continued.

“They’ve got to get somebody that’s going to win and somebody that can beat them.

That’s the only thing that I’m worried about.”

Obama also warned that if Republicans do not get to the White House and hold onto the Senate, it will become a “tipping point” for Democrats.

While Obama said he is “not in a hurry” to get back into the White Senate race, he also warned of a “growing possibility” that Republicans will be able to take the Senate.

Democrats are looking for a candidate who could run in 2020 to make a comeback, after a year of trying to hold onto seats in the Senate after losing seats in 2010 and 2014.

The Democrats also need to gain seats in either the House or the Senate to take back the chamber in 2020.

If they can’t do that, the House could be in play, as Republicans hold the majority in the chamber and could use it to block Democrats’ agenda.

“It’s going be very hard for us to get it done.

We’re in uncharted waters.

There’s no guarantee of a win,” he added.

“We’re not there yet.

There is no question in my mind.

But there’s no question that we have a chance of winning it.”

Read more at Democrats are building a campaign to take control of the Senate in 2020″There is no guarantee that we’re going to get to 20 seats.

But if we’re able to hold on to the majority, that’s where we’re at,” he insisted.

But he also said that if Democrats do not make gains in the 2018 midterm elections, Republicans could hold on for years.

“If Republicans keep losing seats, we’ll be back in a position of where we need to be to win,” Obama said.

“It’s the last thing that we want to do.

That could be five or 10 years down the road.

That is the reality of our politics right now.”

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