U.S. government seeks to revive sterilization of millions with Zika virus

A new government document obtained by Axios shows that the U.N. has asked for the World Health Organization to expedite the sterilization procedure for millions of people infected with the Zika virus, even though the virus has not been officially declared officially a global health emergency.

The Zika virus has infected more than 4 million people in the U: 1.2 million in the Americas, including 1.4 million in Puerto Rico, and 2.1 million in Brazil.

The document obtained Tuesday by Axio said the U and WHO are working together to expedited the sterilizations for millions infected with Zika, who will be allowed to be treated at home.

The U.K. is also seeking to speed up the procedure, Axios reported.

The U.A.E. and the U-S.

have been working together in the last month to implement a joint plan to treat the Zika outbreak.

The World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, is expected to endorse the joint plan in October.

The WHO has already begun sterilizing about 1.8 million people with the virus.

U.M. said last month that the process of sterilization was about to start in the United States.

The procedure was expected to be completed by Sept. 30, the WHO said.

The United States has had the highest number of cases of the virus in the continental U. S., but its first official Zika diagnosis came on Feb. 12.

The outbreak of the Zika has infected at least 1.1 billion people, according to the World Bank.

The Zika outbreak is also affecting the economies of Brazil and the Dominican Republic, where the virus is still spreading.