How to make a bone graft that makes your spine stronger

Posted January 23, 2019 07:53:56A patient in Florida, who was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and was on an antibiotic treatment regimen, says she’s now on bone grafts to strengthen her spine.

Her mother, Lisa Clements, said it’s a common condition that can affect anyone, but her daughter has been on bone supplements since she was 13.

She’s also on a vitamin and mineral supplement called Kymtec.

The Florida woman is one of at least 50,000 Americans who’ve had a spinal fusion or a bone transplant.

The procedure is the result of a combination of bone graft and spinal fusion, or Clements said.

There are three types of spinal fusion: bone graft, joint replacement and spine fusion.

The most common type is a joint replacement.

There have been a number of reports of patients who had spinal fusion and the bone graft being able to keep their joints in place after the surgery, but not necessarily in the same place.

The surgeon at the University of South Florida in Gainesville, Dr. Paul Mancuso, said his team has been doing this procedure for about three decades and they have never had a case of a patient who has a spine that’s stronger than the other side.

Clements said she is hopeful that the treatment can keep her spine strong and will make it easier for her daughter to continue walking, and for her to move around and do other activities.