Man charged with administering CPR to cardiac arrest victim

Posted June 25, 2018 08:27:27A Melbourne man has been charged with performing CPR on a man who died after being transported to hospital.

Key points:The incident happened at the hospital in MarchPolice said the man was on the ventilator and had no pulseThe man had a heart problemThe man was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital and later transferred to St Vincent’s hospitalPolice said it was an isolated incidentThe man’s family said he had been on the ventilation system at St Vincent and Grenfell Hospital for a few hours and had been in a ventilators chair when he collapsed on March 14.

He was taken into a room and a man was standing by the bedside.

“The gentleman’s heart rate was in the 60s and he had a cardiac arrest, which is normal for a heart attack,” Detective Superintendent Kevin Taylor said.

“It was only when the gentleman was being taken into the room and placed in a chest compressions chair that he became unresponsive.”

The man did not survive.

Detective Superintendent Taylor said the victim’s family were told CPR was performed on him.

He said a man and a woman who were at the room when the man collapsed had been treated and discharged from hospital.

Detail Superintendent Taylor added that the man who fell on March 15 had no previous medical conditions and had not been in the hospital for a long time.

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