What you need to know about the new ‘veneers’ procedure

A procedure to replace the eyes of a patient with new ones can be more complicated than you think, and a new law will have to be passed before it can be used.

Under a law that has yet to be signed into law, hospitals must get approval from the government before installing the procedures, including the ones to replace eyes, according to a report by Reuters.

Under the new rules, which were revealed by the Health Ministry on Wednesday, hospitals would only have to notify the ministry of any new procedures that are required to be carried out under the new legislation and would have to complete a detailed medical report on each procedure before they can begin.

Health ministry spokesman J.R. Singh said hospitals could apply for permission to carry out procedures as long as the health ministry approved the procedure.

The new legislation was also expected to allow the use of implants in patients with eye problems.

A total of 1.8 million people had eye surgery in 2016, according the Health and Medical Services Ministry.

The law will also introduce stricter regulations on cosmetic procedures and restrict doctors from working without a license.