What is a ‘kidner procedure’?

The procedure, which involves the placement of a child’s head in a tube, involves inserting a small needle into the child’s brain and allowing the tube to pass through.

The procedure, originally developed by an Australian surgeon in the 1980s, was not widely used in the UK until the advent of the Internet and is now considered a major breakthrough.

“It’s the first time that this technology has been applied to a human being,” Dr Peter Boulton, who pioneered the procedure, told the BBC.

But the procedure has become controversial in the past decade, with many parents arguing it was unnecessary, dangerous and harmful.

Dr Boulson, a paediatric neurologist and lecturer at Imperial College London, said: “It was a terrible thing to do, and I know the parents who were very upset.”

In the UK, we used to have a very good record of avoiding these things and I have been very happy to see that that’s changed.

“The BBC’s Nicky Campbell reports from London.