Which NFL player is on track to retire?

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Josh McCown, a three-time Pro Bowler, is expected to retire from the NFL in 2018.

But that’s not the only reason.

He’s expected to take up a second career, and one that could extend beyond his career.

McCown, who played for the Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins, played his entire career in the NFL and was the franchise’s all-time leader in interceptions.

His record of 1,918 career interceptions is tied with the Patriots’ Tom Brady for the third-most in NFL history.

McCown also ranks sixth in franchise history in touchdown passes and sixth in total passing yards.

He will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, on Feb. 11.

He played for Cleveland for 11 seasons, starting in 1988 and ending in 2011.

The Hall of Famer is best known for his infamous “dirtbag” taunt at a Super Bowl win celebration.

McCrew’s career was also marred by controversy.

His two concussions led to an arrest in 2010.

That led to him being banned from the league.

But he was later reinstated in the 2016 season.

McCaughey said he would be willing to step aside if it would give the Browns the chance to make an even bigger splash in the future.

But it’s unclear if he will do so.

McCoy, who retired in 2019, told ESPN’s Josina Anderson in a recent interview that he’s not ready to retire.