How do you prevent men from raping their partners?

A UK government report on sexual assault has called for greater sexual awareness and support for men and women to make the most of their sexual experiences.

The report, released on Wednesday (21 January), also calls for increased education and better prevention strategies to address the issue of sexual assault.

The findings come after a landmark report in January by the UN’s Inter-Parliamentary Panel on the Rights of the Child on gender-based violence and the prevalence of sexual violence in contemporary societies.

It also comes after the launch of a new online support centre called “Rape 101”, which offers information, resources and tools to help survivors and their partners cope with rape and sexual violence.

Read more about the UN report: “Rapes are often a traumatic experience for both the perpetrator and victim, with both men and females often feeling isolated, unsupported and unable to provide the necessary support and support to protect themselves from further violence,” said a spokesperson for the government.

“In a time when the issue is of such public importance, the Government is committed to taking the right steps to make sure that men and boys feel confident about their own safety.”

The UK’s Government’s Sexual Offences (Protection from Abuse and Incest) Bill 2015 is set to come into effect in the autumn.

According to the government, the bill will provide greater protection from abuse and exploitation of children, as well as help survivors deal with the trauma of sexual abuse.

The legislation also includes provisions to provide more support to victims of sexual assaults and for better access to services and support services for victims of domestic violence.

“Raped women and girls face immense trauma and often struggle to find support from the Government or other organisations when they have experienced violence,” the spokesperson said.

The Government is also expected to announce plans to extend protection from violence to the armed forces. “

To make sure survivors have access to these services, the Sexual Offence Bill 2015 will include additional funding to ensure all services are delivered with equal and impartiality.”

The Government is also expected to announce plans to extend protection from violence to the armed forces.

The armed forces have faced increased pressure from survivors of sexual misconduct, with some reporting being harassed and threatened by their commanding officers.

The Department of Defense announced last month it would spend an extra $3.2 million in 2018 on sexual violence and sexual assault training, with another $3 million planned in 2019.

The Army has also released an extensive sexual assault prevention plan for soldiers.