A catheter inserted into the heart to help it function more effectively

A cat, in the UK, is taking to the internet to share her latest experience after having surgery to relieve her chronic pain.

Shiraz Begum posted a video to Instagram on Monday, saying that her husband had a heart surgery in India in December.

The catheter, called a heart catcher, was fitted into her right heart and was inserted into her left heart to relieve pain and reduce swelling.

“I went to the doctor to find out the procedure but I was told to go back home.

I was devastated,” she said.

The procedure had been delayed due to the “surgical delay” but the couple’s insurance company had reimbursed them.

“We are so grateful that my husband had the surgery in December to relieve our pain and make us feel normal again,” she wrote.

Begum said the procedure was a “huge success” and she had been “overwhelmed” with the response.

She added that she had already been referred to other catheter-based procedures in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Begums catheter was a heart-pancreas catheter that was used to replace an old heart catheters, but the procedure itself was not as comfortable as it should have been.

She said it was “not the best”.

“I was told that the catheter should not be inserted through the heart and that I should have waited until the end of my surgery to do it,” she explained.

The heart cather was implanted through a catheter tube that was made of an alloy called borosilicate glass, which is used in medical implants and is made from glass that is at least 40 per cent lighter than titanium.

It was designed to allow a patient to have an easier and quicker recovery, as it can be inserted directly into the tissue without any blood being transfused.

Begam said that while she did not know the length of the recovery, she hoped to be able to resume walking again.

“It has helped me so much that my catheter is gone,” she told the Daily Telegraph.

“I am happy to know that it is gone and I can do it again.”