‘Foul smelling’ foetus found in baby’s mother

The foetus in a baby’s mum’s breast has been found to be infected with the Ebola virus.

The foetus was found by a health worker on Tuesday at the hospital in Kailahun, in northern Sierra Leone.

The woman, who was flown in by private jet from the capital Freetown, was initially believed to have died of the virus.

She was transferred to the National Capital Hospital in Freeton on Wednesday.

Doctors say the foetus may have been born prematurely and was removed in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

They believe it may have contracted the virus after it was delivered, the hospital said in a statement.

The mother, who is in her 40s, is said to have suffered from high fever and fatigue and her husband is believed to be treating her.

“We have to be very careful,” Dr John Kondokwo, the medical director of the hospital, told AFP news agency.

“This is a very bad situation.

The risk of infection is very high.

It is a foetus which is a baby which has not been given the proper medical care.”

It is an extremely rare infection and this has to be treated as such.

“Dr Kondokso said the foetal death would be investigated, but said it was too early to tell if the baby was infected.”

The foetuses that we have had are all healthy.

The parents are safe and we will have to wait until the next stage,” he said.”

I am concerned that this may be a very high risk foetus and that is why we have to take these steps immediately.”‘

Extremely worrying’The case was not reported to the health ministry, which is in charge of investigating such infections, nor to the country’s Ebola response team.

It is not clear whether the woman has been vaccinated or received the first dose of the vaccine she was given.

The country’s health ministry has said it is in the process of vaccinating 100,000 people.

It says it has already vaccinated more than 3,000 and the number of confirmed cases is now about 2,500.

The WHO says it is not aware of a case of Ebola in any country.