President Trump to deliver speech on the alt-right to address white supremacists

President Donald Trump will deliver his address to Congress on Monday, outlining his strategy for dealing with the alt right and the alt left.

He will discuss the recent violence and bigotry that has enveloped American society, which he says is fueled by “anti-American sentiment, anti-immigrant sentiment, racist sentiments, xenophobic sentiment, misogyny, anti–Semitism, anti‐Muslim sentiment, sexism, anti­black sentiment, and anti­Semitism.”

The address will also be his most extensive address to date on the issue.

While the speech will focus on domestic policy, the president will also address foreign policy, including his plan to end the war in Afghanistan, end the “war on drugs,” and expand immigration.

“I’m calling on you to join me in making a commitment to end this war on drugs, ending the war on terror, and ending the drug war,” Trump said in his address.

“The war on poverty, the war that has taken so many lives, the economic policies that have devastated our middle class, the policies that are creating a rigged system that benefits those at the top, and the policies of war and occupation that are crushing the hopes of so many Americans.

“This is a time of great danger. “

We will be judged not by the strength of our arms, but by the resolve of our hearts. “

This is a time of great danger.

We will be judged not by the strength of our arms, but by the resolve of our hearts.

And I have been convinced for years that if we work together, and if we listen to each other, and when we all come together, we will prevail.

It will be defeated. “

So let me begin with an assurance: There is no doubt that the war against terrorism will be won.

It will be defeated.

It is over.

It cannot be resurrected.

You have the will. “

You have the power, and I am asking you to use it.

You have the will.

You know the stakes.

I have a great team in this room.

We cannot defeat ISIS alone. “

But we cannot do this alone.

We cannot defeat ISIS alone.

The terrorist group will find a home in the United States and the world if it can’t find sanctuary in the streets of our cities.

We must work to make sure that the millions of Americans who are now refugees and who are otherwise on their way to safety are not left behind, that those who have already come into our country and are already our citizens are not turned away, and that those in this country who are seeking to travel abroad and do so legally are not barred from coming to the United